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Infographic Submission – Guidelines:

Submit your infographic for free by following these guidelines and include the following information:

1. Title

The title of your infographic

2. Description

The original description that will appear above the infographic.

This description should be unique. If we see that the same description is found elsewhere on the web, we will find a more appropriate description so that your infographic is better found and shared online.

The more words you use to clearly describe your infographic, the better. Some people use between 100-250 words (a couple of sentences) and others between 500-1000 words (a couple of paragraphs).

3. Source URL

The original source of your infographic is the URL of where the infographic is located in your website or blog (ie, where it was originally published). Example:

4. Infographic URL

The URL of the infographic itself. Example:

5. Category

The categories you would like your infographic to be found under.

6. Keywords

Should be related to the infographic in order to help people typing in a specific search term to find it and so resulting in your infographic having more visibility and reach.

7. Embed Code (optional)

You may also include an embed code or special instructions if you would like more control over how your infographic is published (i.e. where to link back to, alt attribute text, size, etc.)


Infographic Submissions – Terms & Conditions

  • We don’t accept infographics that contain pornography, racially motivated or any other discriminatory or offensive content.
  • For your infographic to be published on Types of Infographics, you must be the original owner/creator of the infographic or a representative of the owner/creator.
  • If the infographic contains material that is someone else’s copyright, you must have obtained the unrestricted permission of the copyright owner to use the material.
  • By submitting your infographic to Types of Infographics you grant us (the publisher) the right to publish and distribute your infographic throughout the internet in electronic form and you authorise others to do the same.
  • We will respect your rights as the author, by making sure that your name is clearly associated with the infographic. We will not make any alterations to your infographic.
  • You give us the right to put our link (ie. in the embed code on the word infographic. The copyright remains yours, and we will acknowledge this in the copyright line that appears on your infographic.
  • You always retain the right to use, distribute and sell your own infographic.